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Westchester distributing Essay

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Westchester Distribution, Inc. has decided to implement a new mission statement. Vice President, Vince Patton, held a company wide meeting on June 10, 2009 where he presented the company’s new mission statement:

Our mission at Westchester Distribution, Inc. is to become the premier distributorship in the industry. To accomplish this, we must individually exceed the Westchester standards of performance set forth in each of our position descriptions. We will achieve this mission when all our activities and decisions are based on and guided by:

1. Placing the interest and needs of our customers first.

2. Offering a complete line of the highest quality products supported by the most professional sales and service team for our customers.

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3. Treating our fellow employees and our customers with respect and dignity.

4. Behaving in a manner that reflects the highest degree of professionalism and ethical behavior.

5. Providing a safe and positive working environment with open communication and opportunities for growth and financial gain for our employees.

6. Demonstrating flexibility within the organizational structure to get tasks accomplished.

7. Behaving as a responsible corporate citizen and support local programs through contributions of time and resources.

The extent to which we live this philosophy, we believe we will continually improve our services to our customers (both internal and external), earn a leadership position in the wholesale beer industry and help Westchester Distribution, Inc. become the best service provider and employer in the industry.

In addition to the new mission statement presented by Vince Patton, five core company values were presented, which are expected to be upheld by each employee:

1. We believe in strong community involvement.

2. We believe in responsible beer consumption.

3. We believe in conducting ourselves with integrity.

4. We believe in being active politically to promote the beer industry.

5. We believe in the strong family heritage of the beer industry;

Westchester Distribution, Inc. responsibly strives to provide our employees the tools, ability and flexibility to assist our retail partners maximize sales of our products. Ultimately, we strive to provide the best service, value and choices to our shared customer, the consumer.

We believe that to be successful, we must use the utmost integrity in conducting our business with our primary associates, the customers and employees. Employees are a vital component in our company’s success. Our company culture will foster trust, open communication, personal growth and creativity. We will recognize and reward employees based on their performance in fulfillment of our mission and beliefs. Westchester Distribution, Inc. and its employees will actively engage in our community and beyond to support and promote responsible use of our products and a better quality of life.

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