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Digital Essay Examples

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Blogging Digital Media And Society Series

Jill Walker Rettberg new edition “Blogging: digital media and society series” can be described as a key book in an emerging field. Blogging has come to be associated as a landmark in the current social cyber studies and even more. Blogging is all about the way today’s popular culture has become an important element in…

Can digital art be considered fine art

The debate between traditional art and digital art has been going on for some time. People argue that art is art so long as it involves universal expression of imagination creativity and storytelling. Whether it is through painting, music, painting or sculpting so long as it delivers the intended purpose. These people suggest that the…

Why digital marketing is imperative?

Digital Marketing Introduction        Marketing has become of the vital aspects in business running. This is the method of communicating the worth of a service or a product to the customer by a producer or the seller with the main intention being selling the product or services. There are numerous types and forms…



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Ethical issues on media and the relationship to the consumption of digital media

Ethical issues on media and the relationship to the consumption of digital media Introduction        The past two decades came with inconceivably rapid redevelopments and transformations of the place taken by traditional media. The media moved from the traditionally secluded place it used to occupy, towards the occupation of newly developed media forms,…

Technology and social inclusion: Rethinking the digital divide

Technology is the process of adjusting systems, methods and tools to resolve a certain challenge. However, technology has established itself into a sort of virus that has found its way into our daily lives. The current world is mostly relying on technology in various ways and its advancement has made many people to be dependent…

Additive manufacturing technologies: rapid prototyping to direct digital manufacturing. 3D Printing

Technology is becoming an imperative aspect of the modern world; industrial and domestic applications are capitalizing on technology to improve services and product production. Technological trends are increasingly phasing out the conventional models of manufacturing and replacing them with up to date processes. 3D printing is a modern manufacturing process that is gaining much popularity…

Describe how you developed your skills in the use of digital technology

Describe how you developed your skills in the use of digital technology for media production contributed to your creative decision making. Refer to a range of examples and show how these skills developed over time. Digital technologies were a crucial part of both of my productions; using digital technologies has also extremely developed over time…

Articles About Digital Art: Summary

Summary of Art Form For The Digital Age by Henry Jenkins In the article “Art Form For The Digital Age,” by Henry Jenkins, Jenkins elaborates on the ever expanding video game industry and cites that it is now being considered a digital art. The gaming industry is also said to be the form of art…

Unit 30: Digital Graphics P1, M1

The Role of Components within a given computer system in the Production and Manipulation of Graphics Introduction: In this assignment, I will explain the role of hardware and software components within a computer system. Furthermore, I will explain how they relate to digital graphics.I will also recommend suitable components for Cambridge Industrial Design. (P1) I…

Role of Technology in Electronic and Digital Media

The world we live in is every changing around us, it is a wonder we can even keep up with the technical advances that are happening. Everywhere we look there are cell phones, computers, tablets, smart phones, hand-held video games players, and much more. In the 21st century many people do not know how it…

Multimedia Basics

Application of Multimedia: Multimedia finds its application in various areas including, advertisements, art, education, entertainment, engineering, medicine, mathematics, business, and scientific research applications. A few application areas of multimedia are listed below: Entertainment and Fine Arts: In addition, multimedia is heavily used in the entertainment industry, especially to develop special effects in movies and animations….

Danshui Plant No.2

Danshui assembling computer hard drives on a contract that was fulfilled at the end of May 2010, although the assembly hard drives was different with assembly of Iphone, Danshui was confident that its workers would adapt to the new assembly tasks and that it could hire and train the additional workers as needed. But in…

Bulletin Board with Wireless Digital Display

This project aims to create a wireless transmission of data to a bulletin board for announcements, advertisements and posting of any kinds of informative statements that will be useful for readers, employees and students. 2.1 Problem Statement Electronic bulletin board cannot update information time by time. Our system can provide ready-made templates so that time…

5 steps in a process to collect digital evidence

Some important steps in the process of collecting digital evidence from the time you are called to assist and the time when you have to testify are: identifying evidence, collecting evidence, preserving evidence, analyzing evidence and presenting evidence (Solomon et. al, 2011, Loc 2332). One of the first steps in identifying evidence is understanding the…

The effect of media Globalization

Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction2 2.0 Definition: Globalization & Digital media2 3.0 The Globalization of media: Switching to digital media3 4.0 Positive Impact of globalization on Digital Media3 5.0 Criticism / Negative Impact of globalization on Digital media5 6.0 Conclusion6 References:7 1.0 Introduction Digital media is an obvious outcome of modern science and technology. Globalization…

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